The Birth of #hungrydiner​

I founded Hungry Diner after facing some life-changing challenges in 2018. 


Before that time, I had spent 15 years in the advertising game working in hospitality, including hotels, restaurant groups, single venues, cafes, bars and casinos.


For years I have been connecting the hungriest of diners with venues using the power of online marketing, Google, social media, reviews and localisation. 


Still, I was doing it all for other peoples companies and their clients and was not feeling fulfilled.


Combining that marketing experience with an obsession for food, a lifetime of dining out, hosting parties & events, it only made sense to make #HUNGRYDINER a reality. 


Thank you so much for your support to all my valued clients, foodies and loyal diners. 


I have made some great friends and gained some fantastic skills during this time.


Please feel free to reach out if I can add value in any way or you want to break some bread. 

In the mean time click on my blog to see my latest posts.



Founder of Hungry Diner

15 years in hospitality marketing